Want to write for MarsfortheMany.com?

We'd love to have you! We accept bylined articles dedicated to the exploration and settlement of Mars, as well as space exploration and development in general, to be published on our blog.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • ​100% original content
  • 800 - 1500 words (more is ok)
  • Loads of screenshots
  • Lots of examples and facts (must be verifiable)

​Every post we publish must educate our readers in at least one of the following ways:

  • ​Mars Exploration and Settlement Activities (Public or Private)
  • Space Technology 
  • Global Space Initiatives (especially with regards to the human expansion into space)

Basically, there are three types of posts that work particularly well with our readers:

  • You share expertise -- in this article type you provide solid research, information and details of your topic based on your expertise and experience. Results don't have to be your own (you don't have to be a leading scientist, for example, to talk about gravity waves), but you will need to show examples and details of world-class people that are.
  • You share "how to" -- this article type is especially effective. In this type of article you will show readers how to execute a particular strategy or tactic, or how a particular technology works. This article is a great example: The Mars Oxygenator
  • You share results -- in this article type you will be sharing results that have been achieved from a specific technology or program. 

If you have the expertise and are willing to create an outstanding article for the Mars for the Many audience, send us your details using the form below. Please include links to three articles you have written that are similar to what you would like to write for the Mars for the Many blog, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.