Space Station Art from the 1970's - A Look Back to 1975

Space Station Designs Still Inspire 40 years Later

In the 1970's, toward the end of the Apollo program, U.S scientists and engineers debated the evolution of humans in space.

On to Mars? Or should we focus on building communities and industry in near earth orbits?

Advocates of near earth and lunar resource utilization met during NASA's 'Space Settlements - A Design Study' symposium in the summer of 1977 to present their views.

While their designs never came to fruition, they did help push U.S. policy toward LEO space stations (think Skylab) and the space shuttle -- and the rest is history.​

It may all look a little quaint today -- but take a look at three of the most popular designs.

After 40-plus years, they still inspire.

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  1. JohnnySpacer 14 February, 2016 at 19:23 Reply

    Human-made space colonies are the way to go for human colonization off-earth. Such space colonies are not subject to the gravity of a planet or a moon. It will not be subject to the environment of a planet or moon that would make human life very difficult. Space colonies can be made to order. They can be easily accessed without having to deal with gravity or dust.

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