Will Magnetic Sails be your ticket to Mars?

Magnetic Sail Technology an Alternative to Rocket-based Space Travel

If this works, it could change everything...

In New Mexico, a startup aerospace company is developing new propulsion technologies that might just revolutionize space travel.

Magnetic Sail Concept Vehicle.

Magnetic Sail Concept Vehicle. Credit: Dark Sea Industries

Their big idea? What if you use electric or magnetic fields already in the space around the Sun (heliosphere) or Earth (magnetosphere) to power magnetic sails rather than using rocket propulsion?

Dark Sea Industries is exploring the question of what if it were possible to travel to Mars without using traditional rockets? It's an interesting idea, similar to solar sails, but using the dynamics of shifting electric and magnetic fields instead of photonic pressure.

The company is a virtual tenant in the University of New Mexico's STC's Cecchi VentureLab and is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Their goal is to raise enough money  to construct several prototypes to test the theory of using a superconducting coil, or solenoid, to create electromagnetic fields to propel spacecraft.

As part of the campaign, they released a YouTube video that help explains the ​concept.

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