Roscosmos 10-Year Space Budget Cut in Half

For the Third Time this Year, Roscosmos 10-Year Space Budget Trimmed

Russia's economic crisis and a broad readjustment of government spending across all sectors has forced Roscosmos to redraft its 10-year space budget.

Russia is having some tough times economically...

Since their 2014 annexation of Crimea, and the sanctions western countries imposed afterward, Russia's economy has been in a free fall.

It's a broad economic crisis that has forced a broad readjustment in government spending across all sectors -- and Russia's Federal Space agency, Roscosmos, has been no exception.

For the third time this year, Roscosmos has been forced to redraft its 10-year space budget plans for the next ten years, from 2016 - 2025.  

Initially, last March, the agency cited a 10-year space budget of 3.4 trillion rubles as part of the Federal Space Program 2016-2025 (FSP), a decade-long planning document that lays out Russia's goals in space and allocates funding for them.  

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But just three weeks later, that figure was lowered by 41% to 2 trillion, roughly the equivalent of $30 billion USD.

And now, it's dropped again.

According to statements, Roscosmos will receive just 1.5 trillion rubles ($22.5 billion) in government funding over the next ten years. That's less than half of the original 3.24 trillion originally estimated.

Roscosmos director Igor Komarov was quoted as saying:​

Based on today's economic situation, the funding for activities in the FSP is set at [1.521 trillion] rubles. We have optimized the program, maintaining key projects … which will allow the industry to develop.

Komarov said only 1.4 trillion rubles ($21 billion) will be committed initially. The remaining 115 billlion rubles will depend on the implementation of an unspecified project after 2021, leaving the door open for possible further cuts.

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How will this affect all the ambitious Russian space exploration plans announced in the last few months? Deep space missions likes ExoMars, concepts for a new space station, and even human missions to the Moon have all been announced, but Komarov made no mention of the impact to these plans.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: The Moscow Times​

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