[Video] Mars Exploration Zones

NASA Releases Concept Video of Mars Exploration Zones 

What would exploration activity look like on Mars? 

It's a question many have asked, including NASA. 

Now, the US space agency has released a short video on what a Mars surface field station​ might look like after a couple of decades of cargo and crewed missions.

It's bundled together in an idea they call a 'Mars Exploration Zone' -- basically a collection of 'Regions of Interest' (or ROIs) about 100km around a landing and habitation site.

These ROIs are areas of interest for both scientific exploration as well as resource utilization that could be essential for extending the human presence on the Red Planet.

It's a great way to understand NASA's thinking as they work on their #JourneytoMars, and -- if you are a Mars enthusiast -- it will get your adventure juices going!​

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