China Considering Cooperating with Other Countries to Explore Moon

To Explore Moon May Require Help

It is no secret that China has ambitions on a crewedd moon landing, but yesterday, the deputy chief of China's national Space Administration (CNSA), Yang Liwei, announced that China is considering cooperating with other other countries on moon exploration.

Yang, who is the first Chinese astronaut to go to space, was speaking in the Russian city of Korolyov near Moscow, which is hosting a three-day conference on manned space exploration, when he said:

A study is being conducted to justify the importance of lunar exploration. We are considering working together with other countries in this sphere.
China to explore moon

This time-lapse color panorama from China's Chang'e-3 lander shows the Yutu rover at two different positions during its trek over the Moon's surface at its landing site from Dec. 15-18, 2013. This view was taken from the 360-degree panorama. Credit: CNSA/Chinanews/Ken Kremer/Marco Di Lorenzo.

A moon landing  has been listed among China's short-term space exploration goals for a while now. According to the China Daily newspaper, Chinese astronauts could land as early as 2036.

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In previous statements,  Lt. Gen. Zhang Yulin commented that it will take China some 15 to 20 years to prepare a manned lunar mission and to develop the relevant technologies.

According to the newspaper, that statement marked the first time the country had hinted at the existence of a Chinese manned moon exploration program.

But China ​may be feeling the pinch.

Potential partners, like Russia, have also announced plans to explore moon programs, but budgetary constraints have limited their progress. A partnership with China, might therefore make sense to both countries.​

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Source: Sputnik News

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