Mars for the Many has one single and spectacular purpose -- get as many people on Mars as we can,

As Fast as we Can!

Sending a handful of people every couple of years - - the almost universal approach to Mars exploration and settlement ideas -- just doesn't cut it. It's way too expensive.  Worse, if you want to get a lot of people to Mars, it is way too slow

Are you tired of Waiting?

We are. We need to get a lot of people to Mars. Not just one or two -- or even six --  at a time.  We're talking about  hundreds -- thousands, even  -- just as fast as possible. And that's really what Mars for the Many is all about -- accelerating the exploration and settlement of Mars.

To reach those goals, we focus on four key elements: Education and Engagement, Technology design and development, building a sustainable, low -risk financial base, and the ultimate objective- exploration and settlement! ​

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  • Educate and Engage
  • Build a Foundation
  • Systems & Technology
  • Explore &  Settle

We believe there is a huge, pent up desire to go to space -- and more particularly --  to Mars. From inception, it has been our intent to involve those who will go. Through blogs, forums, and social media, our goal is to bring people together with a common purpose :

Get to Mars - and Stay There!

This has been our passion for a very long time. Hopefully that attitude shines through in the articles and content we produce here on the site. We have a staff of amazing people who are dedicated to bringing you the latest information on our progress and the latest in space news throughout the world.

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