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Dragon Pad Abort Launch Pictures Emerge

Dragon Pad Abort Launch Pictures Emerge

SpaceX Passes Major Hurdle in Certification for Human Flight with Dragon Pad Abort Test

Spacex conducted a Dragon Pad Abort test this last May for the Dragon capsule and the images are great.

Here are just a couple of them, but I think you'll agree that they are pretty exciting.

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The Dragon Pad Abort test is a critical element in demonstrating crew safety features in case of a an abort during launch. The test was hugely successful and opens the way for further certification tests before actual flight tests begin in 2016.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Credit: SpaceX - Dragon Pad Abort

Credit: SpaceX

Credit: SpaceX. Dragon Pad Abort 1

Credit: SpaceX

See the whole gallery at http://www.spacex.com/gallery/crew-dragon-pad-abort-test

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